There are many ways in which the Industrial Psychologist can assist in helping the corporate system work more effectively.   Listed below are some examples for the application of psychological principles to the business organization.  In reading through this listing, perhaps one of them will relate to a need or problem that your organization is experiencing.

Productivity:  PROMIS 10  The productivity of individuals or work groups can be improved through the use of this proprietary organizational system.  The acronym stands for PROfessional Management Information System and represents a program built on General Systems Theory.  As such it specifies ten clearly defined work activities. PROMIS will increase the productivity of individual by unifying their job description and goals within the corporate plan.

Team Building: Head-On Staff Growth This is a professionally guided workshop by a clinically based psychologist, one who is adept in “reading” interpersonal issues, and who has the experience to confront avoidant staff members head on.  There are no written examinations or computer programs that can begin to touch, or in any way match the intensity, of these “Head-on Staff Growth” workshops.

Customer Satisfaction: In My Opinion The way the individual customer views a retail outlet, auto sales unit or restaurant is primary to that company’s business success.  In My Opinion is an on-line customer satisfaction survey based on research from the Semantic Differential [Osgood, 1957], and it defines where an idea or product occurs in “semantic space”.  How the customer views the product or sales experience is measured in terms of three continua; Positive to Negative, Strong to Weak and Fast to Slow.  The end result is s singular numerical rating that can fairly compare corporate locations or sites.  More importantly, the results will define for the employee, in specific sales behavior, that which must be changed to satisfy or attract more customers.

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