The psychological research imbedded in this program refers to what are called “schedules of reinforcement”. Clyde is the personification of this complex psychological program that will dramatically increase industrial or corporate productivity – whether assembly line of individual sales personnel.
Schedules of Reinforcement are designed following the strict principles of behavioral research or behavior management.  These principles are such that incentives/rewards are made available to individuals or work groups, following a specified productivity exercise;  e.g., a work day, a specific shift or a longer established production goal.

These specific “Schedules of Reinforcement” are computer designed to create optimal productivity.  To achieve this, the incentives are delivered, made available,  to the individual or work group in  random  combination of variable intervals and variable ratios.  In other words, the computer determines that the participant, or production worker, will never know when or in what amount the incentive will be delivered.  It is, however, always immediate to goal achievement – because it is computer guided.

When this system is employed, an animated cartoon “figure” as Clyde, comes forward on the computer screen or Ipad to announce the reward for productive behavior.  The amount of the incentive is structures such that the increases in productivity will pay for the cost of the incentive or reward.  Increases of 200 to 300 percent have, past experiments, been the pleasant result of Clyde’s participation with a work group. 

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