This is one reality; a set of photographs taken by this writer, and that document seasonal changes as they occur on Planet Earth – as experienced here in Middle America.

This is where we live. This is our world, Planet Earth. 

As the reader is probably aware, in the field of psychology, there is a diagnosis entitled; Obsessive Compulsive.  This diagnosis refers to an individual who is  so concerned about details in their life that they may repeat a behavior over and over to assure that it is correct.

In the classic movie, As Good As It Gets, the actor, Jack Nicholson, was caught in a regime of repetitive hand washing – each time with a new bar of soap.  Or, to make sure the door to his apartment was locked, he had to repeat the behavior multiple times before being comfortable that he was safe.  A psychologist would assign to behavior of this kind a formal diagnosis that reads:

300.3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

And by this time, you as the reader, may be asking, “What’s the point?”  The point is that perhaps we should accept a diagnosis such as this – in terms of how we view out behavior toward Planet Earth.  That is, we should acknowledge that obsessive is not always a bad thing, and think about becoming obsessive about details like recycling – obsessive about the way we care for the Earth.

Here are some examples, ones that many might consider obsessive. For example, why throw away even the plastic ring we pull off when opening an orange juice container, and why not recycle the cardboard center of a toilet paper roll? Care for the planet and as you do, give up the idea that the dandelions in your front yard are weeds.

Instead, you might create a bird feeding station outside your window, and begin to observe a new realm of nature.  As you observe, you may notice how the male and female Cardinals who come to your feeder are special. When they find a choice seed, they often go to their mate – where they then share -- by passing it on with their beak.  Nice modeling.

How about taking this new Earth Please Diagnosis; not as a Disorder, but as a part of the New World Order. And, you don’t need a professional to make the diagnosis for you. If you accept this idea, make it yourself by clicking the counter button below as an affirmation.  Yes, I accept this diagnosis

Obsessive Compulsive Steward of Planet Earth

These are three more photos from the Earth Please collection. They depict some of the various forms of life on the planet, of which we are all a part – and have now made a commitment to preserve.


This page describes a recent project where the efforts of the Earth Please Foundation had a positive effect on the environment.  The photos below describe a situation along a pubic highway that passes through an Iowa State Forest known as Shimek. 

A local energy company was spraying the trees near their power lines to kill the tress, rather then simply trimming those trees that were near the lines.  By simply presenting these photographs, and bringing the issue to the Board of Directors --the use of spray was discontinued.  The companion photos from a year later document the environmental results.

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